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June 2010

Social Media - Friend or Foe?

The Annual AT&T Business Continuity Planning Report (2010) drew some interesting conclusions about the growth of awareness and importance of effective BC Planning to businesses of all sizes, ranging from SMEs to large corporates. The study focused on responses from 530 IT executives in the US.

Key results:

  • 83% of respondents stated that they have a business continuity plan in place, up 14% in the past five years
  • 76% said that Business continuity planning is seen as a "priority"
  • 50% indicate it has always been a priority for their business, and 26% indicated it had become a priority in recent years due to natural disasters, security and terrorist threats
  • 77% were very/somewhat concerned about the increased use of social networking capabilities and 76% had concern about mobile networks/devices .... However, against this, there was an overwhelming acceptance that on the 'company' side, Mobile Devices played a key part in all recovery processes.

Download the summary here to view more details.


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