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01 April 2020

Developing & Reviewing Your Organisational Pandemic Plan

Developing & Reviewing Your Organisational Pandemic Plan

As the impact of COVID 19 continues to grow, with many countries in lockdown, economic future uncertain, and people everywhere dealing with a new reality, business continuity is under scrutiny.

Most organisations will have invoked their business continuity strategies and on a scale and at a pace never imagined previously; and you are probably participating in daily video conferences from your home office making decisions on how to keep your employees safe, customers supported, and revenue streams flowing where possible all while following new policies being mandated around the world.

Whether you created a pandemic plan over the past few weeks or whether you already had a strong plan in place,  ClearView and Assurance have produced a white paper to assist you to validate your pandemic capabilities, plans, and strategies.

This is a practical document which aims to capture pandemic planning lessons learned and present them in a way which will assist you to sense-check your own arrangements.

To obtain the white paper please go to


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