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13 September 2019

How technology can help build capability and compliance to ensure operational and business resilience

Clearview and F24 are running a series of free events aimed specifically at GCC based organisations, looking at how organisations can use technology to enhance their operational and business resilience.

The days when business resilience could be managed using paper-based plans and manual procedures have passed. Recognising this, some organisations attempted to use Word, Excel, SharePoint and other such tools; however, this resulted in information buried in silos and substantial difficulties with updating and managing documents.

Organisations are now recognising that specialist tools and software are the way forward, helping automate administrative requirements and allowing business continuity and resilience plans to be easily and quickly built, managed, and maintained. Software also makes incident response much more effective and enables rapid communications.

The event will provide an overview of the benefits of using technology and software tools, showing you how they can help your business resilience efforts by:

  • Driving efficiency, time savings, and effectiveness;
  • Enhancing visibility and management of planning activities;
  • Making collaboration across distributed organisations easy and controlled;
  • Enabling alignment with current industry standards for Business Continuity, Including ISO 22301 and NCEMA;
  • Meeting the requirements for digitalization, which some regulators are insisting upon;
  • Allowing third party risk management to be easily achieved and managed. 

For a detailed agenda and the opportunity to register, please follow one of the links below:

29th September 2019 - Zabeel House, The Greens, DUBAI 

30th September 2019 - Bab Al Qasr Hotel, ABU DHABI

13th October 2019 - Ibis Seef Manama, BAHRAIN

14th October 2019 - Radisson Blu Hotel, KUWAIT CITY

16th October 2019 - Crowne Plaza, The Business Park, DOHA



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