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24 May 2016

BCI Netherlands and Belgium Conference and Exhibition

The BCI Netherlands and Belgium Conference & Exhibition

BCI Netherlands and Belgium Conference and Exhibition

The Conference and Exhibition held on 19th May 2016, was the first BCI Conference to arranged by the Dutch and Belgian Chapter of the BCI. The event took place in Turnhout, Belgium and attracted prominent speakers from all industries across the region.

ClearView Continuity were delighted to be headline sponsors of this successful inaugural event with our regional partner, BCM+.

The event attracted 12 speakers from different organisations addressing various aspects of the Business Continuity life cycle, plus reflections on activities following the recent events in Brussels. For full details, see

Charles Boffin (CEO, ClearView) gave a talk on the subject of: "BCM Software - Solving the Data Management Challenge".

BCM practitioners are encountering an ever-more complex challenge as they are faced with increasing amounts of internal and external information and data plus standards and regulatory requirements, all from a myriad of different sources. The key question is how to manage effectively the needs of this diverse environment, providing simple, comprehensible, accurate, accessible and usable outputs that can be used in time of need? More organisations are looking to use BCM software as the solution to this challenge and Charles Boffin will outline the successful approach taken by companies keen to build effective BCM programmes by 'making the complicated simple'.

To find out more and view the presentation slides, please contact David Honour as below. And for general information, visit:


Contact details

Company: ClearView
Name: David Honour
Title: Head of Marketing
Address: Astral House, Granville Way, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 4JT
Telephone: +44 (0) 7999 334364


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