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09 October 2014

Making the Complicated Simple

ClearView Chief Executive Charles Boffin hosts a webinar on Thursday 9 October at 2 p.m. (UK)

Effective information management is becoming a key priority for many organisations in the area of business continuity. Managing golden data sources (people, resources, locations, processes etc), managing activities to support effective recovery, managing the information gathering process through risk assessment, BIA, Plans and Exercising, managing potential capability gaps and effective workflow.

The session will to focus on how the origins of information management in the arena of IT disaster recovery have migrated to a fully-rounded business continuity proposition. From a focus on hardware and related applications availability with a relatively narrow agenda, we now have a proposition which encompasses all parts of the organisation, all touch points, all core data sources and all core processes.

This change has meant change in practices in organisations too. And smart software underpins this. Software which

  • Co-ordinates and focuses all data flows into a single point
  • Genuinely sits 'pan-organisation' in reach - one of the very few corporate areas that can make this claim. BC has to cross hierarchical silos in order to be effective.
  • Supports BC as both a strategic and an operational process i.e. from assessment through to practical application
  • Recognises that BC has the power to 'make or break' a business depending upon how effectively it is managed and executed
  • Supports key standards and governance - the business of the 21st Century.

We will want to look at some of the practical applications of above, where we can show that information management using software is now becoming a norm. For those organisations who do not have this, there is a very real capability gap.

To join and view the webinar, click on the following link:



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