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June 2012

Finding a software solution

Finding a software solution - Continuity - The magazine of the Business Continuity Institute discusses the key components of an effective BCM software package with David Farr MBCI and asks whether existing products are fit for purpose.

  • To what extent would you say that BCM software plays a significant role in facilitating the management of BC-related activities?
    "BCM software, in my experience, is used, primarily in two functions. The first is to facilitate plan development, whether those are business continuity, crisis management, IT continuity or disaster recovery plans. The second function relates to the actual management of the incident and is designed to get the right information to the right people at the right time to enable a swift effective recovery"
  • Where do you see software adding most value to BCM?
    "If the interface is done well, BCM software can be extremely useful in walking an organisation through all stages of the planning process. This is of particular value in situations where the person who is compiling the plan is not a trained BCM practitioner. Software can provide a very effective guidance tool, providing the interface is well designed"
  • What in your view are the primary components of an effective example of BCM software?
    "The interface is essential to the effectiveness of the software. It must be able to break down the planning process into manageable chunks. The problem is often that the more complex the software becomes, the more complicated the interface becomes and therefore the harder it is to use. It becomes difficult for the user to clearly break down the planning process into individual components. If the interface is well structured, then the user will be taken through the various stages and be provided with details of what type of information is required at each one. If the interface is well designed, this can also reduce the amount of time needed to train people to use the software"
  • What is your view of the current range of BCM Software? Do you think that it is fit for purpose, and if not what do you see as the primary failings?
    "One of the main failings I see is not so much with the software itself, but rather the fact that some BCM practitioners don't tend to have much experience working with database-driven software. They understand productivity software such as word-processing packages, but struggle to get to grips with using database a system". That's why the training process is extremely important"
  • Is there a risk that the more effective software becomes the more reliant organisations will become upon it?
    "As software becomes more effective, it will also play an increasingly prominent role in facilitating the speedy development of plans. In my opinion, as software improves we will become increasingly reliant upon it. And in many cases this is a good thing"

Download the full article here (PDF article - pages 32/33 - Continuity - The Magazine of the Business Continuity Institute)

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