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11 July 2012


ClearView up-date

The past few months have seen a number of exciting developments for ClearView and the pace continues to quicken. Here are just some of the highlights and also a glimpse of new functionality which will be released soon:

CIR Business Continuity Awards

CIR Award 2012 Winner

We were delighted to win the best BCM software Award at the recent CIR Awards in London. It was particularly pleasing to have industry recognition for all the work we have been doing in the past two years to 'break the mould' as far as BCM software is concerned.

Breaking the mould can be succinctly summarised as moving technology to a place where it supports and enhances the outputs of BCM practitioners in organisations. Where it adds value, rather than frustrates end users. Where it can be picked up and used by Plan and BIA owners on an infrequent basis without the need for continued training. But, all this delivered without sacrificing the sophisticated functionality which underpins the system.

ClearView screengrabs

This challenge has been met successfully with the direct input of our clients and collaborators globally plus our own BCM and technical experts. And there is no respite as we recognise the continued pace and have development plans which match the frequent, ongoing changes we see in the market.

Finally, we are particularly pleased that, for the first time, the CIR judging panel sought practical demonstrations of the software so that they could see the technology in action rather than relying on words on the page. Thank you to all our clients and collaborators who have supported us so far and who continue to play an active role in the development of ClearView.

BCM - Banana Continuity Management

BCM - Banana Continuity Management

BCM means preparing for both the expected and the unexpected. So, how did ClearView help a supermarket in Brisbane when they encountered a rather surprising event recently ......?

Coming Soon

One of the significant benefits from maintaining a mutual collaboration and development policy is that all clients have a direct say in the development of ClearView and, as a result, all clients benefit from the outcomes of new functionality.

The principle of rapid development and deployment is firmly embedded in the Company and with the flexibility of a modular system, each and every client has the opportunity for configuration to meet their specific needs 100% without sacrificing the benefits of a robust, proven platform.

Mobile devices

Mobile Devices

Mobile Device view of content for all Plan owners has been a fundamental part of ClearView for well over 2 years and we have been carefully developing specific applications to support off-line viewing. These are presently in the final stages of UAT and will be launched shortly - for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

Continuity Strategy Management

Continuity Strategy Management

Continuity Strategy Management can be a justifiably complex business. In addition to traditional recovery, various options including transferring business process, reciprocal arrangements and home working are becoming ever more common strategies supported with wider availability of key infrastructure services away from the office. In developing these strategies, many assumptions are made and often the strategies adopted are not validated. This results in an unjustified confidence in continuity capability and a strategy that is fundamentally flawed.

ClearView's new functionality in this area enables strategies to be validated - this covers information collation, workflow management, linking key data sources with practical plans and the practical application of results. In short, it ensures that strategies are challenged and ultimately proven to be robust.

Global Developments

Risk Logic

We are very pleased to confirm our growing network of global collaborators, providing local support for ClearView in regional locations.

Risk Logic, based in Sydney and operating across Australasia, is one of the fastest growing BCM consultancies in the region. We are delighted to partner with them in the development, implementation and support of ClearView. ClearView powers their core BC-3 online product for Business Continuity and Crisis Management and the response from clients has been particularly positive. As a region well-used to natural disasters, the need for effective BC, supported by intelligent and usable technology is clearly recognised and understood.


We are always keen to hear from our contacts. If you have any issues that you'd like to raise, comments or would like to see a demo of the ClearView system, please let us know.

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